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 Service price: complete rhinoplasty   3 380 €-4 400 €

 Duration of the procedure: 1-2 days


The rhinoplasty is the plastic surgery procedure for correcting and reconstructing the form of nose, restoring its functions, aesthetically enhancing the nose by removing congenital abnormalities or injures. The procedure ensures the balance in proportions of the nose with face. Sometimes the rhinoplasty is inseparable from the Septoplasty (correction of deviated nasal septum) which improves of the nasal breathing. It administrates from 16-years-old age until the septal nasal cartilage formed.

A nose is not only an olfactory and breathing organ but also most noticeable and open part of a face. Therefore, minimum defects of the nose become obvious and require particularly careful correction.


  • Saddle deformation;  
  • Osteohondrous hump;
  • Tag and wings deformation;
  • Non-facially proportions of long nose;
  • Congenital abnormalities.


  • Non-submerged (open) rhinoplasty;
  • Submerged (closed) rhinoplasty.

The non-submerged rhinoplasty involves lateral incision of the columellar (column of nose). It enables wide operative access to all areas with visual control during the procedure.

Advantages – correction of:

  • Congenital abnormalities;
  •  Disproportion;
  • A failure primary rhinoplasty.

The submerged rhinoplasty involves endonasal incision (into the cavity of a nose). Many stages there are without visual control.


  • Correction of the tag;
  • Reduction of height of the arch;
  • Removal of osteohondrous hump.

After the operation, it is necessary during 14 days to carry out a fixative plaster cast that enhances of the attained effect.

The administration of the rhinoplasty ensures permanent aesthetic and functional result, the final estimation of which be checked by one year.