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Raising the corners of the lips

 Service price: after consultation

 Duration of the procedure: 1 day

Raising the corners of the lips

By aging, which accompanied by both gravitational influence and atrophic processes in a facial skin, the decline of the height of the bite, the dropped corners of lips appeared. There the dropping of the three-cornered zones in the perioral part at every commissure of lips, which violates the aesthetics, gives a person a "sad" appearance and can result in the "inverted downward" smile.

To lift the corners of lips it is possible by different methods. Such as, delivering of the fillers based on the Hyaluronic Acid, injection of botulinum toxin, lifting either of lower one-third part of a face or the whole face.

The most often, the contour plastic administrates to correct this area. Augmentation of a face by fillers is the art by itself that is why there no strict rules. Sometimes it is enough to fill out the volume of the “white roller” or the lips.

As a rule, to lift the corners of lips, some amount of the filler is delivering in the areas of corner of a mouth deeply to form the ground. The remaining amount - injected interfacial into the derma directly to reshape a dropped area.

The correction of dropped corners of lips is possible to combine with delivering the filler into the columns of the lips groove (almond-shaped mark above the upper lip).

The administration of these procedures enhance the visible rejuvenation of a face, removes of "sad" appearance. The effect stays from 6 to 12 months. Once the term expired, it is possible to repeat the procedure again.