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Otoplasty ears

 Service price: 20-45.000 Uah

 Duration of the procedure: 1 day

Otoplasty ears

The otoplasty is a method of surgical correction of a shape, size, congenital and acquired deformations of the ear auricle, removal of the everted ears. This surgery procedure possible when patient is 6 or 7 years old, once a height and shaping of the ear auricle is completed.

An auricle looks like the elastic cartilage of complicated configuration, densely connected to a skin. It performs the acoustic and protective duty for a middle and internal ear and get the individual structure.

Deformations of an external ear is practically accompanied as a rule by patient’s dissatisfaction of own appearance that happened particularly in child's age and can negatively reflect on the emotional state.


  • Everted ears (stuck out auricles), either bilateral or one-sided – is one of the most common forms of congenital deformation of the external ear:
  • Ear lobe abnormalities;
  • Macrotia (increase of size);
  • Microtia (auricle backwardness);
  • Acquired deformation of the external ear.


  • Correction of disproportion of the overhead of the auricle;
  • Creation of smooth contour of the external ear;
  • Forming of the optimal corner between the auricle and the head;
  • Achievement of symmetry between both sides.

The choice of a method of operative intervention depends on the age, kind and degree of registered deformation, and selects individually for every patient.

During the procedure, the incision conducted on the back surface of auricle that ensures of an unnoticeable line and comes to a substantial aesthetic result. On some occasions, the resection of cartilage is possible. In a postoperative period, carrying of the special pressing bandage recommended for treatment during 1 - 2 weeks that assists to fix the result.

The otoplasty assists to remove any deformations of auricle, enhances a permanent cosmetic result that is characterizing by the considerable improvement of personal appearance or absence of visible tracks of an operative intervention.