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Lifting of breast (mastopexy)

Lifting of breast (mastopexy)

The mammary gland is one of the main features of femininity. Its size and shape is individual and depend on distribution of ferrous and fatty tissue, fibrotic structure and a skin "cover". Every single part of a human body is a subject to influence of gravitation that by time results in sagging of the mammary gland (ptosis).

Reasons for ptosis to appear:

  • Sharp loss in weight;
  • Lactation;
  • Age-dependent reduction of size of the gland.

The sagging could be either one-sided or both. A degree of the ptosis defines by proportion in locations between the nipple and the inframammary fold. There also the pseudo ptosis, when a skin of the mammary gland lost its elasticity and is sagging, but the nipple locates higher than the inframammary fold. 

The above mentioned could be resulted not only in violation of aesthetics but also development of considerable psycho emotional disorders, what is accompanied by sufficient decline of self-appraisal and worsening of quality of life of a woman.

To remove the pathology in the plastic surgery, the operative intervention is widely administrates, called as the mastopexy.

Basic challenges:

  • Correction the ptosis of the mammary gland;
  • Reconstruction of elasticity and resiliency of the breast;
  •  Improvement of shape of the mammary gland;
  • Reshaping and elasticity reconstruction of the breast after lactation;
  • Lifting of the level of the nipple as towards the inframammary fold;
  • Stability of the result.

This procedure administrates under the general anesthesia and impatient treatment.

There are different types of accesses to administrate the mastopexy.


  • The Periareolary (when an incision is around an areola and a postoperative scar is practically unnoticeable). Such a technique considers as an ideal option of mammoplasty but limited by medical reasons. It realizes there once either pseudo or non-sufficient ptosis.  
  • The Mastopexy with forming of the vertical incision is a method by choice by a patient with either sufficient ptosis of mammary gland or sharp loss in a weight. It corrects not only the ptosis, but also the shape of mammary gland, a location of the nipple as towards the inframammary fold. However, at the same time, the vertical scar is forming.
  • The method with inverted T-type incision, what not always corresponds to the aesthetic wishes of a patient, but remains necessary when sufficient ptosis of the mammary glands or sharp and immense loss of a weight. This operative intervention results in a spherical shape of glands and their more aesthetical design.

For every patient the method of lifting of the breast is be confirmed individually. On some occasions, this procedure administrates simultaneously with a silicon implant inserting. It is obligatory in a postoperative period the special compression underwear during a month, which assists in fixing of the desired result.

The administration of the mastopexy ensures an improvement of a shape and resiliency of the breast that stays during long time with a considerable aesthetic effect.