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Liposuction of the abdomen

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 Duration of the procedure: 1 day

Liposuction of the abdomen

The liposuction of a bell is the surgery procedure to evacuate extra fat off this area that allows improve the contours of a bell and sides of a trunk. Cause for patients wishing to improve the original appearance and having accumulations of fat on the bell and sides that does not yield to the correction by physical activities and diets. Often this procedure recommended after the delivery, when reshaping of the desired form of the bell presents considerable difficulties.

The evacuation of the extra fats in an area of the bell is desirable to conduct both in upper and in lower of its parts. It contingently that reduction of upper part of the bell is more attractive. The liposuction accompanied by smoothing out of the joint areas, where fat removed not in full, what results in a more attractive shape of the body.

During the procedure the incisions are conducted up to 0,5 -1,0 cm for delivering of the special  sheath by which a needed amount of fat removes through. As a result, a size of the waist drops substantially, the attractive contours of the bell designed, and an attained result does not require the new interferences.

As well as at any type of the liposuction procedures in a postoperative period the compression underwear needed to carry during 4 - 6 weeks. The effect maintained by stable body weight and regular sport exercises.