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The liposuction is an operative intervention sent to evacuate of extra fatty fabric. It is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures.

All fatty mass divided into three layers that differ from each other by localization and features of a metabolism.

The 1th layer is interfacial, locates between a skin and a fascia covering muscles in all areas of a body, and varies on thickness and density. This layer determines proportions and outlines of the shape of a body, and adjusts by different types of the liposuction. 

The 2nd layer is deep, and locates under muscular fascia. It practically does not yield to the surgical procedure, and is a small subject to reduction during workings or diets.

The 3rd layer is visceral (internal), in the abdominal. Its expressed form of hypertrophy can show up as a "beer" bell (protuberant and resilient) for men. For this layer of fatty fabric the liposuction cannot give a sufficient effect.

Factors influencing on violation of a fat metabolism:

Genetic disposition; 

  • Wrong diet;
  • Absence of a physical activity.

There two types of an obesity:

The Localized form is more often meets with women and characterized by typical locations of extra of fatty fabric: chin area ("second chin"), front abdominal wall, and side areas of a bell, outward and internal surfaces of upper one-third of thighs, internal surface of a knees. This form of the obesity is optimal for the surgical evacuation, and a proof aesthetic effect available by the procedure.

The Common form of the obesity stipulated by a hypertrophy (by an increase) of cells of all layers of fatty fabric in an organism, outline a body some features of a sumo fighter.

The most widespread areas for the liposuction:
  • Abdominal;
  • Thighs;
  • Face, particular its chin.

There the carrying of a compression underwear or bandages needed in a postoperative period. Due to the procedure, extra of local fat removed, a shape of the body designed, and a cosmetic effect remains stable during a long time.