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Chin correction

 Service price: after consultation

 Duration of the procedure: 1 day

Chin correction

The chin plays an important role in the aesthetic harmoniousness of a face and its outlines determined by a form and position of mandibular bone and of covering soft fabrics. The little chin "mowed back" is one of the most frequent reasons of dissatisfaction by the appearance at examination in a profile. With an age the progress of atrophy of soft fabrics, the reduction of bone mass of lower jaw and the decline of height of a bite are registered. All of it negatively affects the perception of a face in the whole.

For the correction of insignificant lack of a volume or a chin dimple, it is possible by the contour plastic administration. Most dense fillers (mainly based on the Hyaluronic Acid) that can retain a volume maximally long time in this area implemented. This procedure is the optimal method of increase of the chin, as it does not require the period of rehabilitation, easily stand it by patients and a cosmetic result appears right away the delivering of the medicine.

The effect of contour plastic is noticeable through the shaping more evident neck-chin corner and the proportion of lower one-third of a face, visual lengthening of the neck and stays during a year. The repeated administration of this procedure is whereupon possible.