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Cheekbone shape correction

 Service price: after consultation

 Duration of the procedure: 1 day

Cheekbone shape correction

The cheekbone forms esthetically an important zygomatic buttress and plays a considerable role in forming of facial contours, determining its harmony.

By ages, a zygomatic region loses the volume and gets platy. Soft fabrics of this area lose bone pillars of the face and displaced downward. In addition, age-related changes of a skin and loss of fatty lumps of cheeks results in yet more expressed cosmetic deformation of middle zone of a face.

The problem of reshaping of the zygomatic buttress successfully decided by the contour plastic. There are delivering the fillers based on the Hyaluronic Acid with a high density that could hold the shape for a long time. The fillers delivered into the periosteal coverage, forming, thus, the desired contour of the cheekbones.

The reconstruction of the zygomatic area results not only in a local improvement but also renders substantial influence on the rejuvenation on the whole The relief of a face becomes more outlined, a skin of cheeks is lifted up, the depth of nasolabial folds diminishes. The correction of joint areas could carried out simultaneously.

The contour plastic of cheekbones administrates under the local anesthesia. It gives an immediate cosmetic effect that stays until one year. The procedure could repeated whereupon.