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 Duration of the procedure: 1 day

Botox for face

The Botox medications widely used in a cosmetics to correct mimic wrinkles. The classic procedure involves the microinjections of a medicine directly into the muscle to achieve the mimic muscles relaxing.

The Mesobotox is the method of injection a medicine into a skin by technique used in the mesotherapy. The effect, which reached of botulin toxin, is the same as during classic procedure, i.e. to hold on the neuromuscular synapsis’ activity that results in blocking of the mimic muscles.

The difference between the mimic muscles and the skeletal muscles consists in an absence of facies, and intertwining into a skin of the beam of muscle fiber. A skin yields when muscles are active that effects the mimic of the face, and results in the mimic wrinkles.     

The method of mesobotox based on these features of the mimic muscles. A medicine, once delivered to derma overlay, acts locally with resulting in smoothing of the soft wrinkles. At the same time, complete mimic activity of a face not influenced that enhances very nature result.       


Presence of non-deep wrinkles in:

  • Glabellar and periorbital area;
  • Corners of lips and chin;
  • Neck and zone of décolleté.

To correct deep wrinkles the classic Botox procedure administrates. It is possible to combine both methods to insure the most cosmetic effect. The result comes into effect by 7 - 10 days and stays from 4 to 6 months.