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 Duration of the procedure: 1 day

The abdominoplasty is an operative procedure, sent to correct of the front abdominal wall in a form of extra skin, hypoderm and deformities of muscular-aponeurotic frame of this area. It administrates as well as the additional method of treatment of aesthetic displays of obesity. The procedure is under a general anesthesia in hospital environment.


Such defects of front abdominal wall as:

  • Post-delivery, when the form of a stomach changed and considerable linear atrophy registered;
  • Extra fatty fabric, formation of dermic-fatty fold as the "apron" for patients with obesity. In this case not only the aesthetic goes on the first, but also such medical considerations as the loss of weight;
  • Age-related changes as the skin laxity and decline of tonus of muscular-aponeurotic frame (as a "beer" bell for men);
  • Congenital and acquired deformities of the front abdominal wall (either hernia or cicatrical tissues);
  • Dissatisfaction by the form of the bell.

The degree of registered extra skin, stratum of the hypoderm, tonus of the muscular-aponeurotic frame, registration of either hernia or cicatrical tissues determines the way of the operative access. It could be whether horizontal one (the etrotomy) or the vertical incision, or combination of the both. The abdominoplasty involves removal of an extra skin and evacuation of hypoderm fatty. Once the rectus abdominis muscle tensed, than they sewn together that stipulates shaping of the waist, also the belly-button repositions. Often enough this procedure is accompanied by the liposuction.

In the cases when divergence of muscles of abs takes place in absence of extra skin, what registered in a post-delivery period, the endoscopic abdominoplasty administrates. Its advantage involves non-significant incisions (up to 1.0 см) around or the belly - button, either etrotomy area and it will be unnoticeable by the procedure.

After the procedure, no less than a month it is necessary to use compression underwear, limit physical activities and regularly followed up by a treating doctor.

The implementation of the abdominoplasty results in the considerable and sufficient improvement of aesthesis of bell, and carries the perceptible positive medical result related to the loss of weight.